Writer, Director

An SFFilm supported Sci-Fi  feature currently in development through a two year residency at Filmhouse

Welcome Back, Mr. Buzzcock


Crypt TV Short Film

When a recently deceased science teacher returns to school threatening the lives of students and faculty alike; They must learn to band together, or perish alone.

The Tolls

Director, Producer

 Short Film

Mourning the loss of his wife at sea,   a  U.S. soldier encounters a secret S.S. weapon with dimension altering capabilities and the potential to reunite him with his lost love, but  at the cost of countless lives.  

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at PensaCon and the Platinum Remi Award at  WorldFest Houston, This film confronts the ethical dilemmas that arise when we only look out for our own interests

"Stunning cinematography and an amazing attention to period-specific detail make THE TOLLS rise above the pack and deserve your attention immediately. 

With strong and believable character performances holding its center, the film takes the timeless question of how far you would be willing to go for someone you care about, and drops it into an unexpected and invigorated spin in a WWII environment that leaves audiences really wondering what would have happened next." 

                 -Detroit SheTown Film Festival. 



A quick-witted princess more interested in math than marriage, uses her unusual super power and her superior brain, to make great discoveries in the field of mathematics, all while staying a hair length ahead of her pursuing prince.



This short film won accolades at festivals as well as recieving the Women in Film Los Angeles Finishing Fund Grant.  It is currently under development to become a children's series featuring princess with STEM related super powers.   

Director, Producer, Editor

Half hour TV pilot

Set in San Francisco, this gritty narrative Sci-Fi series focused on inequity and exploitation within the religious institutions and the justice system in our nation. 

The Grey Area

The Esquire

Second Unit Director

Feature Film

The Esquire, a follow up to the celebrated cult classic film, The Institute, details the life of  controversial spiritual figure Octavio Coleman, as he strives to connect with his progeny. 

fountain & never

Line Producer

Web Series

This re-imagining JM Barrie's Peter Pan as a gritty street tale, examines the lives of six foster kids who have aged out of the system, and are now left to struggle on the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. Peter, a young drifter, returns to Los Angeles to investigate the murder of his former foster caretaker, only to discover that he himself is now in mortal danger.

Interned LA

Line Producer, Episode Director 

Web Series 

A group of young (and some not so young) interns on a West Hollywood studio lot, learn the hard way that what the execs at this studio love most is to abuse their power.

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